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POD Point raises £7.5m as electric vehicle sales surge


Tech Chats: Data ethics with EY’s Ian Williamson


Edinburgh-based ad analytics firm TVSquared gets $6.5m

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CreditLadder appoints Proptech Expert Sheraz Dar as new CEO
Hermit: A Startup With New Ideas About Office Space
TestPlant appoints Chief Marketing Officer

Elevator Pitch: Tablecrowd – Startup of the Week in 30 Seconds


Meet Kate Jackson from Tablecrowd, our startup of the week.

The Elevator Pitch Series

TableCrowd describes itself as a real life social network where you can meet people over food for business networking, common interests, romance or friendship.

Gallery: Photos from the Elevator Pitch LIVE 2016 awards

Latest developments

Kate’s just returned from a trip to NYC and San Francisco where she had meetings, pitches and demo’s for TableCrowd with hopes of further fundraising and partnership opportunities.

She says Tablecrowd’s membership is growing and members are running a great mix of tables most nights.

They will soon be relaunching an improved version of the the site using responsive technology.

Watch more episodes of the Elevator Pitch here

Check back next Tuesday for the next episode of the Elevator Pitch

With thanks to Heron Tower, London.
Produced by Alex Wood, Mick Le Mare and Tom Platt.

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  • Phil

    Great pitch, under a bit of pressure to get that right…. It’s a long way back to the top. Love food so will get involved, cheers…

  • Good pitch. Nicely delivered.

  • Thanks guys. Had a great time with this pitch, although a highly distracting setting 🙂

  • June Dawson

    Wow, all that in 30 secs, Great pitch under pressure…

  • Tom

    Nice pitch and great segment idea! More please…

  • Pingback: LONDON FIRECRACKERS » A new way to dine out? TableCrowd says so()

  • Paul Smith

    there was some distortion on the spoken piece of audio. a lift has terrible acoustic qualities, all shiny surfaces and nothing to dampen reverb. you could try another location or the other option is post production which is basically taking a bad recording and trying to make a diamond out of it.

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POD Point raises £7.5m as electric vehicle sales surge
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Tech Chats: Data ethics with EY’s Ian Williamson
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Edinburgh-based ad analytics firm TVSquared gets $6.5m
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