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Exclusive Interview: Rohan Silva resigns from No.10


Tech City News can confirm Cameron’s key advisor, and architect behind Tech City has resigned

Read below for exclusive comment from Rohan Silva

Sources close to Downing Street told Tech City News Rohan Silva, the man behind Tech City will leave No.10 in June.

Silva will leave behind a legacy of some of the most pro-technology policies ever seen in recent governments.

Over the course of seven years, Silva has been credited with formulating the concept behind Tech City, entrepreneur visas and most recently the launch of the London Stock Exchange’s High Growth Segment.

If successful, the High Growth Segment could mean the London Stock Exchange will rival the Nasdaq and result in a series of IPOs for rapidly growing technology firms. Earlier last year he was also credited with snapping up Joanna Shields to the role of CEO of the Tech City Investment Organisation.

Silva told me he’s ‘very pleased to have created the Tech City initiative, and is equally proud of the policies that have helped East London’s tech sector’.

Staying in the tech world

Silva plans to start a new business in education tech (edtech), focussing on how to take world class British education content and use it to improve access to education around the world, particularly in developing countries, according to Downing St sources.

When I interviewed Silva at No.10 earlier this year he repeatedly expressed his interest in education.

It’s rumoured that in order to test out his new business idea, after leaving government he will join a London-based venture capital firm as an ‘entrepreneur in residence’. Index Ventures are also rumoured to be involved.

No fall out with Cameron and Osborne

In an exclusive interview with Tech City News, Silva told me he has always had aspirations to create his own business:

Anyone that knows me knows I’ve been straining at the leash to have a go at my own business for a number of years now

He also made it clear his departure is not a reaction to Cameron and Osborne’s leadership. “It’s a sign of how much I love my job and working for George and David. It’s been a hard decision, I’ve loved that I’ve been able to make a difference.”

He is also keen to make the most of the many policies he was involved with, and wants to have a crack at “building a fantastic British business in Tech City”.

Trade links with China

Sources close to Downing St also revealed Silva will be keen to push forward policies that promote trade links with China before his departure.

His successor has yet to be announced.

Rohan Silva will speak at the upcoming Innotech Summit on the 26th April.


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