Pimp your 3D printer with Cyrus: the open source 3D printer


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Build your own low-cost 3D printer using open-source parts

Cyrus is an open source 3D printer currently funding on Kickstarter designed to “close the gap between consumers and makers.”

Its frame is built from the construction tool designed for the maker revolution, MakerBeam– which also started its life as a kickstarter project.

See the inside of Cyrus lit with a cool blue light set to some pounding Dubstep in their pitch video.

Watch their campaign video:

DIY 3D printer

Sasan Seyedi, the man behind Cyrus, reckons he can make them for less than £500 each, and pledging £499 will secure you one of the first batch in kit form for home assembly.

“It would be amazing if 3D printers would have an active role in parts of the world where resources are limited,” Seyedi told Tech City News. But Seyedi wanted to create something that had great design as well as being functional: “Most of the current open source printers looked like something from the scrapyard challenge,” he said.

Intricate Detail

The detail on the models seems impressive, and Seyedi has printed some intricate figures and shapes including this Yoda bust and an owl no larger than two inches tall.


Open Source community

Wherever possible, Sasan Seyedi has used open source hardware and is not reliant on any one company to supply the parts, and the more you pledge the more extras Sasan will throw-in, including an LCD display, a heated bed and a dual extruder.

If you want Cyrus delivered assembled, it will cost you a little more, and for those of you that already own a 3D printer Sasan Seyedi is offering T-shirts bearing the Cyrus logo designed by Statiqdesigns in return for support.

Sasan plans to create an online support forum and share all designs made for the printer, and the wide availability and open source nature of the parts means you won’t have to rely on Sasan or anyone else to get replacements parts.

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