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Help fund Shoreditch’s very own Village Hall for Startups


Wish there were more places to mingle in Tech City? Help Shoreditch Works convert an old Warehouse into the Start-Up Village Hall

Tech City start-up Shoreditch Works are trying to secure funding on Kickstarter to turn a warehouse into a ‘village hall’ for the local start-up community– and they’ve already raised £6,000 of their £25k target despite their campaign only being live for a few hours at the time of writing.

Their vision is to convert four floors of an old warehouse into a space that you would want to grab a coffee, get some work done or just hang out in.

Watch their campaign video:


On the ground floor and basement they plan to have a coffee shop and a hotdesking area that is open to the public where you can work, meet people and drink coffee, and they also plan to have a shop area where start-ups who make physical things can showcase and sell their products.

Giving back to the community

Shoreditch Works provide flexible office space to start-ups and small businesses in the Shoreditch area, making it easier to afford if you only need the space some of the time, and this is exactly what will become of the top two floors of the village hall.

20% of time slots will be made available for free for the local community
and it will also be home to ‘The Awesome Wall’ where all the names of the kickstarter campaign’s supporters will be displayed.

“We want to create a village hall for the growing community in Tech City, a place where people can come together” Ana Bradley, Community Manager for Shoreditch Works told Tech City News.

The building also aims to bring the tech startup community closer to the existing communities in and around Shoreditch.”We want to help the most deprived areas in the borough benefit from this and provide a platform for young people into the Tech City world. 20% of the events we host will be free to the groups running them, such as code clubs, meetups and open source groups” Ana added.

Rewards include roaming membership to their work spaces, but most importantly, Shoreditch Works seem to have a genuine desire to give something back to the local community through the Shoreditch Works Foundation, which helps get local kids into coding and discover the opportunities in the area.

If you live or work in Shoreditch, helping to open the village hall could be a great way to give back to the community, so check out their campaign page and get pledging.


  • Sasha

    I’m struck by emphasis on ‘existing community’ and ‘youth.’ What are the demographics for Shoreditch residents? You may be surprised. There is in fact is an ageing population here which is a very real part of the existing community. Research shows Internet connectivity can do wonders for problems of isolation and related mental health issues among older people. Why not explore ways of teaching skills to this vulnerable section of the Shoreditch community? Too radical an idea?

    • AlexWoodTCN

      Hi Sasha,

      Thanks for your comment, this is Alex the editor of Tech City News. You raise a very fair point and something I’d like to explore more.

      Martha Lane Fox raised this issue in her maiden speech at the House of Lords and I’m keen to do a feature on it with a focus on Shoreditch, could we discuss this further by email?

      Please get in touch via:


    • Ana

      A great point, we are very committed to making a space that the community needs, we want adults to benefit too. Making a village hall that creates a space for training people how to use the internet/get online for young and older people is really important. As the video tries to get across, there’s a massive move to being digital now but sometimes talking is better than tweeting, it’s important that a physical movement which depends on people coming together works in parallel with our online focus.

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