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Learn to code for free with Makers Academy & Enternships scholarship


Makers Academy and Enternships announce web development scholarship

Programming tutors Makers Academy have teamed up with entrepreneurial employment site Enternships to offer a scholarship to the academy’s 12-week course.

The course, usually costing £8,000, teaches web development to novices and concludes with introductions to top London tech companies.

The winner will learn several languages including Ruby on Rails and Javascript, and will also receive advice and support from Enternships in securing a full time job within a start-up post-graduation.

It’s not the only bit of teamwork for the training program –  Makers Academy kindly hosted Tech City News‘ Week in Tech at their offices last month.

Rob Johnson, Founder of Makers Academy

The chosen one

Makers Academy is usually highly selective when choosing students for its training program, but applicants for the scholarship will undergo a rigorous selection procedure.

Makers Academy founder Rob Johnson said:

“Coding is an incredible asset for any employee to bring to the table when starting out on a new career.

“Through partnering with Enternships we aim to make that happen for one lucky individual!”

Carving your space

Enternships connects young people to entrepreneurial work opportunities in more than 4,500 startups across the world.

Founder Rajeeb Dey said:

“Tomorrow’s most important innovations will come from those who can carve out their own space on the web, and as such, core development skills cannot be underestimated.”

The scholarship will run until June 20th – you can apply at

After the scholarship’s deadline, the top 10 applications will be chosen and invited to interview during the week commencing June 24th.

The winner will be announced on June 30th.


  • iblockchain

    Absolutely devastated to have to change my opinion on Makers Academy.

    I made (3) complaints to Makers Academy. I understood that (3) coaches had fallen in-love with (3) female students (it happens) but I wasn’t pleased that those (3) girls were receiving extra coaching during working hours at my expense (complaint 1). It’s very nice to be offered crates of free, ice-cold beer at the Friday retrospective but nobody should be ostracised if they don’t want to get drunk but prefer to study (complaint 2). Ruben Kostucki’s comment during his presentation “Our hiring partners want coders who know Agile and do TDD; if they wanted a Code-Monkey, they can go to India or Lithuania” was deeply offensive and reported to the founder (complaint 3) with no apology forthcoming from anybody.

    Just as an individual can’t claim ‘I’m not racist because I have ethnic friends’ Makers Academy can’t claim the same ‘just because they have ethnic minorities working/studying there’

    I fully expect anyone who desperately wants to be placed by them to defend them. This is why nobody complains.

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