Breezie helps get the digitally isolated online


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BreezieConnecting a lost generation to the web

Despite advances in technology, many elderly and isolated people struggle to get online.

One London-based startup has launched a solution which makes navigating essential apps including Skype and Gmail on a tablet easier.

That Device Company has launched a new service called Breezie, that removes clutter for the less tech savvy and will come pre-installed on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

The software will alter the OS of the tablet making popular apps easier to navigate for the 6.1m adults in Britain over the age of 55 who have never used the internet.

Technology needs to get more human

Breezie’s founder and CEO, Jeh Kazimi, said: “Humans shouldn’t need to get more technical, it is technology that needs to get more human. Until now, there has been no solution for using the internet that perfectly addresses the needs and concerns of an older, less digitally comfortable audience.”

The service also provides a facility for Breezie’s support team or family members to remotely support the user, add contacts, reset passwords and choose new apps to install.

“Our goal was to design software that makes the online environment considerably more accessible for people with little or no technological nous, and to do so without patronising or limiting them. Breezie is about giving people a solution that works straight out of the box and lets them see the universal and immediate benefits of being online,” adds Kazimi.

Improving digital literacy

Breezie adapts according to users’ levels of digital literacy, using analytics software that learns from usage across applications and multiple users to tailor the experience of the service to individual needs.

That Device Company say Breezie is an open platform, allowing third party developers to build new apps for the service’s older demographic.

The service will retail at £299 including a year’s service and support, and comes ready to use out of the box.

That Device Company hope to engage the 73% of women over 75 and 56% of men of the same age that have never been online, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.

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