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Here come the girls (slowly): UK crawls towards encouraging female entrepreneurs

Story Summary

Britain is better at encouraging female entrepreneurs, but only just


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New research shows that the UK is improving its environment for women to succeed in entrepreneurship but is still lagging behind other European countries like France and Germany.

The UK ranked 7th out of 30 countries in the Gender-GEDI index, announced at Dell’s Women Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) conference today.

The research showed that 75% of countries included in the survey were not meeting the minimum requirements to foster female entrepreneurship.

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Facing the facts


Though the UK climbed one place since the Gender-GEDI index was announced last year, it still ranked below USA and Australia as an environment in which women can succeed in entrepreneurship.

Karen Quintos, Dell’s Chief Marketing officer explained that female entrepreneurs were crucial to thriving economies.

Awareness of the current landscape is the first step towards change…

On the top


At the top of the chart, the USA somewhat unsurprisingly led as a place for female entrepreneurs.

Much more of a dark horse, Australia came second. Cathie Reid of APHS pharmacy group explained why Australia may have ranked so highly.

Australia has a great environment for female entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of well-established businesswomen networks, great collaboration – all supporting each other and I think that really helps our status in the new rankings

There’s a real focus at the moment on a reduction of red tape which is fantastic for the entrepreneur.


Lagging behind

Researchers found that economies in which the male to female ratio across all sectors of employment encouraged diverse and far-reaching female entrepreneurship.

In the UK, for example, industries which have been traditionally dominated by men such at the construction, lacked female entrepreneurs, ideas and methods to develop the sector.

Women in senior positions are also unrepresented and education, networks and management experience are crucial to female success.

Emerging markets

In emerging markets women who had access to bank accounts had a significantly bigger chance of succeeding in entrepreneurship.

Research also suggested that in 22 of 30 countries, married women had fewer rights than married men and in 8 countries, women don’t have the same access to property as men.

  • Sian Ediss

    Ace news, I’m sure @shesaysuk has a huge part to play in this for raising awareness about girl techies. Top share, thank you.

  • Wassila Howes

    : UK crawls towards encouraging female entrepreneurs – Female Sad representation!

  • Wassila Marie Howes

    Good article highlighting the current ‘infantile’ state of perceived women in their ongoing struggles for professional endeavours and career progress! Lagging behind is not only a matter of ‘figures & numbers’ no doubt valid at demonstrating the scale of ‘backwardness’ women are facing in their societies across countries as much as companies! Sadly, still for all the good arguments put forward, these are so often marred by such offensive representations as your above baby photo (no matter how adorable & sweet!!) depicting your article!! Please explain in what way a crawling baby girl toddler photo here has to do with adult female professional representation mentioned in your above article !!?!!

    • Jeremy Evans

      Thanks for your comment Wassila, and glad you like the content of the article. The image was chosen to represent the “crawling” in the headline, and was never meant to represent adult female professionals. But I appreciate that it could be taken in that way so have changed it to a more appropriate image (I hope you agree!). Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

  • Jo-Ann Alexandra Hamilton

    And Britain gets there…slowly.

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