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Creating digital democracy with Happus – Startup of the Week


Welcome to the fifth episode of the Elevator Pitch series 5!

Every week we publish a 30-second pitch from our Elevator Pitch winners.

These startups, chosen by a panel of expert judges for their potential to change the world, join an alumni group that includes the likes of and Glow, and have to-date raised more than $86m.

In this series we took the founders on a ride unlike any other for the most exciting pitch of their lives.

Tech for all

There are 10 million people in the UK, yes, 10 million, who have never bought their groceries online, hired a taxi using an app, or sent back an outfit from ASOS that they knew would never really work.

They have never used the internet.

Happus was conceived to get new and refurbished hardware to those people, plus a low-cost internet connection, as well as offering skills training. Because we aren’t all digital natives.

Digital inclusion

Happus is a Welsh startup, based in Caerphilly, but its vision is to help all of those people, wherever they are.

The company’s strategy has focused on working with housing associations, because that’s one of the places where those in digital poverty are more likely to live.

And they’ve also signed up major telecoms players to help deliver the low-cost digital inclusion deals that are needed.

Digital democracy

The fact of the matter is, it’s cheaper and more efficient to deliver government services online, and that’s why things like voter registration have taken a leap in that direction.

But if you are one of the one in six that isn’t doing digital… you’re very much be out of the loop.

Happus is just over one year old and is boostrapped by Dave Williams because he simply believes that, given the pace of digital innovation, these kind of steps have to be taken, now.

It’s Get Online Week right now, a scheme backed by the government and supported by Happus, to encourage people to get online.

Which isn’t as easy as it sounds. We’ve all guided one older relative or another through the email of online banking process, right?

Check out the Get Online Week site for ways to get involved or get in touch with Happus directly if you think you can help.

The Elevator Pitch is gratefully sponsored by KPMGKnight FrankNatwestTaylor WessingPropel London and Lendinvest



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