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Hackajob scores £400,000 in seed funding


Game streaming startup Polystream raises $1.5m


Cambridge fraud detection firm Featurespace lands $9m

Isomer Capital launches €150m investment fund to boost Europe’s tech startups


Isomer Capital has launched a €150m investment fund to boost European tech startups.

Operated by experienced investors Joe Schorge, a former executive at Pomona Capital and Cambridge Associates and Chris Wade, former founder and CEO of Cambridge Positioning Systems, the fund has already made commitments to various early stage VC funds such as Hoxton Ventures, White Star Capital and Entrepreneur First.

Joe Schorge, founder at Isomer Capital said: “Europe is building a new generation of high growth technology companies, formed by experienced technologists and serial entrepreneurs at higher volumes, quality and ambition levels than ever before.

“The opportunity has outstripped the supply of capital and Isomer is seeking to exploit this demand/supply imbalance by working with some of the most inspiring fund and company entrepreneurs,” he added.

The fund, only open to professional investors, is expecting to invest in approximately 400 or 500 tech-based startups via Europe-based venture funds.

A spokesperson told Tech City News: “We believe the next big idea can come from anywhere across Europe . We look across sectors, geographies, stages and business models but some of the most exciting and brilliant start-ups are happening right now in the UK.”


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