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Ex-CEO of Ve Interactive under investigation for fraud


EXCLUSIVE: E-commerce firm Paddle merges with DevMate in ‘seven figure’ deal

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Calum Smeaton, CEO of TVSquared, on growing a successful UK AdTech firm and raising $12.5m

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Here’s what Airbnb, Shazam and Depop are looking for in their next hires


Ready to grow your career in tech? These are the companies you need to know (and what they’re looking for in their next hires).

Depop is a Fashtech company all about creativity and connection. Over 90% of their users are under 25 years old and that youthful energy is something they try to reflect in their team too.

In the hunt for talent, Depop CEO Maria Raga says: “We look for team players who are respectful, humble and hardworking. We want people that are fun and who don’t take themselves too seriously.”

Airbnb management platform Airsorted raises £1.5m

With users in 191 countries and a valuation of $30bn in 2015, it’s no exaggeration to say that Airbnb has revolutionised the travel accommodation industry. Their team is spread out over 21 global offices each committed to the ethos of being a good host and embracing adventure.

Fiona Keane, Aibnb’s european recruitment manager will be speaking at EXPAND London’s HR sessions on building an effective team.

Secret Escapes is a company passionate about helping the world escape. Since their inception in 2011, they’ve grown to 31 million members globally and are the UK’s biggest members only website. They look for team members who share their vision, are open minded and love data!

With over 100 million monthly users, Shazam is one of the most popular music apps in the world. Their team consists of 230 humans across 7 locations around the globe and they’re not stopping there.

Ruth Penfold, director of talent acquisition at Shazam says they’re always on the hunt for exciting hires. What advice does she have for anyone interested in joining team Shazam? “Be yourself. The day I stopped trying to be like everyone else and just became me was the biggest day in my professional career. Everything changed for the better.”

Put simply, BORN is a company “that connects people who make beautiful things with people who love them”. Innovation, adaptability and creativity are at the heart of their team (who are expanding rapidly).

Nexmo pride themselves on a diverse team and an open, collaborative culture. Founded in 2010, their team has grown to more than 240 employees, representative of 46 different nationalities. Armi Ingratta, Nexmo’s head of talent, says they look for candidates that can think outside the box.

“It’s the kind of environment that’s fun, where everyone works hard and enjoys what they do. The main thing when hiring people is that they will make a difference at Nexmo and think differently.”

Want to learn more about the top tech companies currently hiring? Join them at EXPAND London to find your next opportunity.

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