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Inbound investment into UK tech ‘reaches 10 year high’


Starling Bank expands to Ireland as it eyes Europe


FinTech startup Yoyo Wallet gets £12m to expand across Europe

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IP Law: The Startup & Scaleup Guide

IP Law guide featured image (2)

Welcome to the first in a series of guides produced by Tech City News in association with select commercial partners. We’re bringing you in-depth guides and reports on topics key to the success of your growing UK tech business.

In this first guide, produced in association with patent and trade mark attorneys GJE, we explore intellectual property (IP) law.

The hidden risks associated with IP can have an enormous commercial impact for startups, especially when it comes to securing investment. For companies seeking private equity funding, IP can be just as valuable an asset as talent or customers.

“Intellectual property is a vital – but often misunderstood and underestimated – asset for any startup or fast-growth business. Properly understanding what you have and how to protect it can make the difference between success and failure,” said Peter Finnie, managing partner at GJE.
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Our free guide on IP law for startups and scaleups includes the following sections:

  • IP glossary – What the different types of IP protection are, how much they cost and how long they take to secure.
  • What are the risks? – The issues associated with the creation, exploitation, monitoring and enforcement of IP law.
  • Protecting IP abroad – When this is necessary and what is required.
  • Monitoring IP – How you can use publicly available information to your advantage.
  • Enforcement – The importance of a clear IP enforcement policy.
  • Secrecy – The complexities of keeping your IP secret.
  • Creating an IP strategy – How to develop a robust IP strategy.
  • Investors’ IP expectations – The level of IP strategy and kinds of protection investors expect firms to have in place at the Pre-Seed, Seed, Funded and Exit stages.
  • Due diligence – Lear from the mistakes made by tech companies that didn’t have systematic IP strategies in place.

View the guide

Visit this page to view IP Law: The Startup & Scaleup Guide now for FREE!

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Inbound investment into UK tech ‘reaches 10 year high’
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Starling Bank expands to Ireland as it eyes Europe
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FinTech startup Yoyo Wallet gets £12m to expand across Europe
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