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Amit Gudka, co-founder of Bulb, on the biggest misconceptions of startup life and his proudest moment so far


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Chimni calls for the UK proptech community to work more closely with the housebuilding industry
Blockchain Conference: Blockchain Expo announces Berlin and North America dates
Neyber calls on government to cut excessive credit costs for UK employees



Does my SEO really matter?
posted on January 21, 2015

I think this depends on the nature of your company, and how you hope and expect to be discovered by potential new customers. For the vast majority of businesses, ranking highly on search engines like Google will prove very valuable. However, it can be very tough to rise the ‘natural’ search rankings – i.e. the…


Should I pay for PR services like Gorkana?
posted on January 13, 2015


Does my startup need to have a profile on every social network?
posted on January 6, 2015


I’m choosing a PR agency – do I have to sack my in-house PR?
posted on October 28, 2014

There are many ways to structure a company’s PR resources. There’s no right or wrong approach – an ideal setup for one business won’t necessarily work for another. For some, a solid, long-term relationship with an agency will give the business a sufficient level of coverage indefinitely. For others, an agency might be considered an…

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How do I form relationships with journalists?
posted on October 14, 2014

Need to Know

We’ve lost a cofounder – can a PR help manage the crisis?
posted on September 9, 2014

Need to Know

How do I measure PR success?
posted on August 26, 2014

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How much does a PR cost for a startup?
posted on August 12, 2014

Need to Know

What is the best way to structure a press release?
posted on July 29, 2014

Buy Coverage

You can’t buy your way to coverage on tech sites
posted on July 22, 2014

Girl on Phone

Tinder reminds us startup origin stories are rarely what they seem
posted on July 8, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 22.31.21

Hiring this Week: Fieldhouse Associates
posted on March 3, 2014


When’s the right time to choose a PR agency?
posted on November 25, 2013

Many startups are too quick to engage a PR agency. In the earliest stages of a startup’s journey, it’s our view that PR should be resourced in-house. Most startup entrepreneurs spend the majority of their waking hours refining and building their MVP. So the impulse to outsource functions that aren’t critical to the product development…

Need to Know

Choosing your PR agency
posted on October 16, 2013

Need to Know

My product isn’t very sexy. How do I get journalists’ attention?
posted on September 23, 2013

Need to Know

Why didn’t my press release receive any coverage?
posted on September 6, 2013