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Iris Capital launches €250m European tech investment fund


Startup Weekly: Welsh tech accelerator calls for applications, Virgin StartUp partners with WeWork and more

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Culture. There’s no app for that, Kalanick

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‘Connected finance’ app Curve hits £50m spend ahead of UK launch
“Coffee, networking and productivity”: Workspace disruptor ‘Lounge’ launches in London
Kompli-Global’s Technology Will Make Life Harder for Money Launderers

Tech City Voices

Culture. There’s no app for that, Kalanick
posted 9 hours ago

In this opinion piece, Phil Borge, director at Eulogy, discusses Travis Kalanick’s recent resignation as Uber CEO and looks at why company leadership is so important for culture.

happy customer

How to transform customer experience and boost your bottom line
posted on June 15, 2017

team startup

Startup Surgery: What are share options and how do I issue them to my team?
posted on June 12, 2017


Hold tight but have faith: Why tech firms shouldn’t panic about Brexit and the hung parliament
posted on June 12, 2017

Britain’s tech success may have been helped by its membership of the EU, but the UK no longer relies on it – and will outlive it. Ross Fabian, partner at accountancy firm HW Fisher, explains how.

Tech City Voices

How you can use mindfulness to boost creativity in your tech business
posted on June 11, 2017

Government & Policy

General election 2017: what happened and what’s next for UK businesses?
posted on June 9, 2017

Tech City Voices

How tech recruiting has adapted to the modern day
posted on June 7, 2017

Tech City Voices

Tech could revolutionise healthcare, if only people would give it a chance
posted on June 6, 2017

Tech City Voices

Why tech investors are eyeing opportunities outside London
posted on June 4, 2017

Deliveroo’s unionisation hearing: The implications for the UK gig economy
posted on June 2, 2017

Charles Darwin

Startups must constantly evolve if they are to succeed
posted on May 28, 2017

Theresa May

The Conservative manifesto: What does it mean for UK tech?
posted on May 24, 2017

Labour’s Manifesto: what does it mean for UK tech?
posted on May 23, 2017

Labour’s manifesto launch was a bit of an anticlimax, after an early iteration was leaked a week before the official version. Many compared it to Michael Foot’s “longest suicide note in history” – perhaps unfairly – but it’s certainly the closest thing we’ve seen to that 1983 manifesto.

Tech City Voices

AI and IP: What you need to know
posted on May 21, 2017

Tech City Voices

Could tech accelerators soon become a thing of the past?
posted on May 19, 2017

Tech City Voices

Snap Inc’s IPO: Lessons to be learned
posted on May 16, 2017

Tech City Voices

Could tech companies rip up the rule book on maternity leave?
posted on May 15, 2017

Tech City Voices

8 reasons programmers should learn C# and .NET Core
posted on May 11, 2017

Staff wellbeing HR

Why staff wellbeing should top your list of priorities
posted on May 9, 2017

older man computer

Could ‘Silver Coders’ solve the skills shortage in tech?
posted on May 7, 2017


Here’s everything you need to know about ransomware
posted on May 1, 2017