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Top tech stats: Virgin’s business predictions, developers have their say and more


London FinTech Aire raises $5m Series A from Sunstone Capital and White Star Capital


Tech Chats: EY’s Daniel Lyons on how tech is revolutionising transport

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GreenKey Technologies and Red Box Recorders partner to launch integrated trading voice collaboration and compliance recording solution
Leading light in British HealthTech, Network Locum, rebrands to Lantum
SteelEye announces regulatory tech specialist Matt Smith as CEO

Tech City Voices

VR headset man

How businesses can use VR to enhance the recruitment process
posted on July 19, 2017

Phillip Blaydes, co-founder of Talentful, explains how VR can improve the recruitment process.


Interviews: 8 killer questions that’ll unearth the best people for the job
posted on July 18, 2017

social media

When it comes to marketing, you should be thinking social first
posted on July 16, 2017

tech employee at computer

The Taylor Review: What impact will it have on UK tech companies?
posted on July 12, 2017

Sam Murray-Hinde, employment law specialist at Howard Kennedy, explores what impact the Taylor Review will have on UK tech companies.

Tech City Voices

How to calculate the impact of social media advertising campaigns
posted on July 11, 2017

Tech City Voices

Top tips for building an app
posted on July 6, 2017

Tech City Voices

Founders shouldn’t doubt their own ability to scale a startup
posted on July 4, 2017

Tech City Voices

How can tech startups protect their IP post Brexit?
posted on July 3, 2017

Tech City Voices

Social selling or cold calling? Why tech startups should do both
posted on June 30, 2017

How to create the perfect pitch deck for an investor
posted on June 29, 2017

Here’s how you can deliver a killer presentation
posted on June 28, 2017

Beyond the to-do list: 6 tips to help tech entrepreneurs increase their productivity
posted on June 27, 2017

Culture. There’s no app for that, Kalanick
posted on June 23, 2017

In this opinion piece, Phil Borge, director at Eulogy, discusses Travis Kalanick’s recent resignation as Uber CEO and looks at why company leadership is so important for culture.


How to transform customer experience and boost your bottom line
posted on June 15, 2017


Startup Surgery: What are share options and how do I issue them to my team?
posted on June 12, 2017

Government & Policy

Hold tight but have faith: Why tech firms shouldn’t panic about Brexit and the hung parliament
posted on June 12, 2017

Tech City Voices

How you can use mindfulness to boost creativity in your tech business
posted on June 11, 2017

Government & Policy

General election 2017: what happened and what’s next for UK businesses?
posted on June 9, 2017


How tech recruiting has adapted to the modern day
posted on June 7, 2017

Tech could revolutionise healthcare, if only people would give it a chance
posted on June 6, 2017

Why tech investors are eyeing opportunities outside London
posted on June 4, 2017