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POD Point raises £7.5m as electric vehicle sales surge


Tech Chats: Data ethics with EY’s Ian Williamson


Edinburgh-based ad analytics firm TVSquared gets $6.5m

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Blockchain for Business

81696 587
10:00-17:00 Fri 24 Feb, 2017 Alphabeta Building, 14-18 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1BR, United Kingdom Add this: Google Calendar or Other calendar

An opportunity to spend a day with one of the UKs leading Blockchain influencers.

Blockchain is a new disruptive technology that is going to change our lives, the way we work, our political system and social fabric. It is a structural change to Commerce and redefines how business is done, removing the need for a third party validators such as banks, lawyers or central authorities.

The attributes of the Blockchain technology delivers enormous benefits over the way things are done today, simplifying business processes, speeding up transaction times and reducing cost of doing business by as much as 60%.

In Blockchain, transactions are predictable, guaranteed and secure, delivering certainty and trust. Blockchain ensures information and transactions cannot be tampered or changed, cannot be hacked and all transactions are stored on multiple copies of the distributed Blockchain Ledger that is 100% available.

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POD Point raises £7.5m as electric vehicle sales surge
posted 42 mins ago

Tech Chats data ethics

Tech Chats: Data ethics with EY’s Ian Williamson
posted 4 hours ago


Edinburgh-based ad analytics firm TVSquared gets $6.5m
posted 6 hours ago

company culture

Why you need to get company culture right
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Images for FreeAgent in Edinburgh.
FreeAgent, accounting software simplified.
Pictured: Ed Molyneux

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Ed Molyneux, co-founder of FreeAgent, on taking your company public and learning from your mistakes
posted on February 19, 2017


Top tech stats: tech salaries on the rise, northern tech gender gap increases & more
posted on February 18, 2017