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British robot firm moves production to Madrid to maintain EU base post-Brexit


AI startup Mogees raises £1m, brings total to £3m


InsurTech startup Neos lands £5m in Series A round

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Hacking Happiness – Understanding the human environment and its impact on wellbeing using machine learning

16:00 Mon 16 Jan, 2017 - 21:00 Sat 17th Dec 2016 Digital Catapult Centre 101 Euston Road London, NW1 2RA Add this: Google Calendar or Other calendar

From Bhutan’s gross national happiness index to new year’s resolutions, we are all fascinated with ways to get happier, but is technology getting us any closer?

In collaboration with the Royal Society – please join us on January 16th-17th for 28 hours of hacking happiness and explore how machine learning can be used to measure, understand, predict and increase happiness.

In this multidisciplinary hackathon, we hope to attract professionals from different disciplines, including machine learning, data science, design and software engineering to come together and develop innovative solutions addressing happiness.

We are especially interested in ideas that emphasise human-AI collaboration.

We would be interested to see ideas that address ways in which new machine learning systems can work together with people in a broad variety of topics such as conversational assistants, interactive AI, active learning, human-agent collaboration, crowd-sourcing or citizen science.

We’d be looking not just at “pure” machine learning hacks but also those that combine existing techniques with novel interactions with people. And since every hackathon concludes in a fast-paced presentation of demos, we’d hope to inventive ways to present the hacks, perhaps involving user testing, videos or sketches.

Current theories on happiness suggest several core factors contribute to building happiness on a personal level; in particular engaging in the natural environment, enjoying green space and open air. We will be making a number of data feeds available to understand this specific aspect of happiness.

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British robot firm moves production to Madrid to maintain EU base post-Brexit
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AI startup Mogees raises £1m, brings total to £3m
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InsurTech startup Neos lands £5m in Series A round
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