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Influencer, a new platform connecting social media content creators with brands, launches in the UK


May 8, 2017

A new, unique data-driven tool that connects brands with content creators with a high social media following, to make engaging social media campaigns for brands, has launched in the UK. The platform, named Influencer, is the next step in the growing trend of social media engagement and marketing, set to revolutionise the way brands raise awareness and engage consumers.

The platform aims to offer brands superior connections with the right content creators or ‘micro-influencers’ with over 10,000 followers on social media, plus unrivalled one-click analytics reports to help marketers assess the results. “Our content creators are very much quality over quantity. We’d rather offer you 100 creators with incredible engagement, bang on target, then 1000 mediocre ones with followings largely made up of bots and less engagement,” commented founder of the platform, Ben Jeffries.

He added: “Influencer marketing is buzzword that brands know but often don’t quite understand or use to full effect. A hefty 90% of people trust peer recommendations over only 33% of consumers trusting online ads. People are increasingly savvy – being influenced to buy something is different to being told to buy something and 15 million people use adblockers in the UK – and that’s the beauty of social media marketing because the followers actually want to see the products because they trust that they’re relevant to their interests.”

Influencer looks to ease the collaborative path to making buzzing content with social media stars. The platform will take a brief from the brand and match them to relevant content creators who have a natural passion for the topic such as fashion, technology or food and drink. The content creators will make the brief their own to keep their content consistent and authentic for their followers. * In exchange for producing and sharing content for the brand through the platform, a creator will get paid a campaign fee, assessed on a case-by-case basis on their ‘Influence Score.’**

The platform can also engage specifically with students at a certain university by tapping into content creators who study (or studied) there. “It seemed like something no other platform was doing, so we took the opportunity to make sure we could connect with universities skillfully – a really useful feature for brands looking to connect with students,” commented Jeffries.

Jeffries’ story is also somewhat unique. Only 21-years-old, he experimented with his first business venture named Breeze at 16. It was at this point he had the idea for Influencer since Breeze attempted to advertise through ‘micro celebrities’ who came with a loyal fan base but without the premium price tag.

In 2015, just as he joined Bath University, Jeffries was shortlisted for the Virgin Media Business “VOOM 2016” competition and became the winner of Young Start Up Talent 2016, where he secured £50,000 worth of prizes. Shortly after this he made the decision to go onto Crowdcube to secure his first round of funding. Within 24 hours, the £100,000 target was exceeded and within 3 days he hit £152,000 from 139 different investors.

To sign up as a content creator or if you’re a brand looking to collaborate visit:


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