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Finding the right PR is about spinning at the same frequency

Kate Hyslop, head of marketing at BookingBug, looks at the PR – startup dynamic.  A disconcertingly bitter piece in The Guardian that recently did the rounds amongst the PR and startup communities made one thing very clear: a startup’s real comms needs are very different to what many PRs think they are. Having worked previously…


Expect a surprise or two from this year’s Budget

Marc Zao-Sanders co-founder of gives us his predictions ahead of tomorrow’s pre-election budget. With the general election just round the corner, it seems likely that any surprises from tomorrow’s Budget will be especially steered towards persuading voters. Let’s hope some of these wins fall to SMEs – given that they support the UK economy…

Future Retail

What is the real future of retail tech?

Handle’s business development director Dominic Warman gives Tech City News the lowdown on the recent Future of Retail event and tells us what to expect from the retail environment of the future. Recently some of London’s most tech-savvy ecommerce, marketing executives and enthusiasts came together at The Future of Retail, organised by Handle Recruitment. Partnering…


International Women’s Day: A handy reminder that we need to do more about equality in tech

Technology is certainly not the focus of International Women’s Day and rightly so. Instead, shameful statistics and often horrifying stories of continued, everyday oppression all over the world take front and centre stage in highlighting how far we have to go to ensure women and men are treated equally. But, particularly as technology becomes so…


TCN talks to Niall O’Loughlin of 99designs about starting and growing a business

The ‘world’s largest’ graphic design company, 99designs has scaled rapidly since its launch in 2008, growing from a Melbourne-based start-up to a $35m-backed internationally-recognised company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices spread across the world. We spoke to Niall O’Loughlin, UK manager at 99designs to find out more about the company and pick up some…

Remote man

The Ten Commandments of remote management

In a previous column I talked about the war for talent and how to win it. Businesses have shifted their software to the cloud, as well as their files and their communications—so why not talent? Talent is the next wave, and it’s already here in the form of distributed teams working together online. For the…

Peter Thiel

You can’t just add value anymore – investors want entire new markets

One of the keys to being a successful investor is the ability to find value, and a November holiday to Morocco, outside of school holidays and peak season, is as good a demonstration as any. The false economies of kind-of hot temperatures and periods of rainfall aside, the real value of the time away, as…


Cleaning up the black market

There has been a lot of chatter in the press lately about workers’ rights in the sharing economy. These articles, in case you missed them, made the argument that skilled people (e.g. cleaners) using online platforms to find work are disadvantaged as they miss out on sick pay, holiday pay and other rights afforded to…

coal miner

Do what you hate

Do what you love! Follow your passion! Live your dream! These are the sweet, sexy, beatbox-backed siren songs of our time, and they can be heard ringing through the coworking spaces of Old Street any day of the week; literally, because Monday to Friday and nine to five is for whey-faced desk-monkeys without the moxie…


How I made the leap to New York – and what I found when I got there

Over the past few months, Tech City News has produced a documentary exploring New York’s tech scene and the challenges of expansion. In August, the team spent a week interviewing members of the Big Apple’s tech community about why it has become a strong contender as a base for US expansion.  As part of the project, Tech…


Six Australian startups that are going places

I’ve just arrived back in Britain after six months spent Down Under – more than enough time for me to glean a snapshot of the Australian startup ecosystem and how it could learn from the UK. Now that I’m back on home ground, here are a few of the companies I saw during my travels, that…

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