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Women and men

How not to think about gender in tech

When I think about the tech industry today, I’m not entirely happy with what I see. It’s full of bright, talented individuals – salespeople, developers, researchers, data scientists and more. But the female faces are few and far between. I’ve been surrounded by the issue of gender diversity ever since I left university. So why…


Ten ways to prep your startup for obstacles ahead

Almost every established business in the UK had to face some challenges upon startup and the way these challenges are dealt with usually plays a major role in determining how fast the business will grow and whether it will be successful in the future. This makes it vital for any startup to know how they…


Ten common elevator pitch blunders and how to rectify them

When you’ve only got a short time to get people interested, to hook potential investors or business partners and convince them of the quantifiable value of what you do and your proposition, it’s crucial that your ‘elevator pitch’ avoids these 10 common blunders. Talking too muchMake sure your pitch is focussed, and conveys your drive,…


The relationship between technology and creativity

The environment we live in today is constantly changing, and we’re adapting as a result. According to research from Microsoft, the average adult checks their mobile 150 times a day, while 75% of families make use of a second screen at home. This has resulted in our core skills being very different to that of…

Personal Data

What the ‘smart’ revolution means for your personal data

A cursory look at the quality of discourse on Twitter and Facebook might lead you to believe that the world is becoming an increasingly dumb place. While this might be true (and there’s plenty of argument on social media about that very point), there’s no escaping the fact that technology is getting smarter. Consider the…


Benefit from the lack of hiring competition during the summer slowdown

Another out of office email hits my inbox. It’s early August and the Great British Summer Exodus is in full swing. The long school holiday is the perfect opportunity for many people to get away with their families.But just because many people choose to take their vacation at this time doesn’t mean that businesses stop…


The key to UK insurance innovation

There’s a lot of outside-industry attention being given to insurance right now. Why? It’s apparently ripe for disruption (I don’t like that word so much). In lay terms, that means the tech community haven’t raided the larder yet. With a few opportunities of innovation out there, it’s point of choice that matters the most, argues…


Ten traits of an entrepreneur

Starting a business – and succeeding with that business – is hard work.  Very, very hard work coupled with sacrifices and long, long hours but there’s something else that sets the highly successful apart, not just from the failures but also from the okay and the relatively successful, and that’s an entrepreneurial spark.  There’s no…

apple pay

Apple Pay made a big splash but the UK leads the way on payment systems

The payment systems in this country are often just viewed as the background, mundane processes operating as part of the UK’s banking infrastructure. But, whether it is cheques clearing, ATMs distributing money or a mobile payment being sent, with millions of transactions occurring every day our payment systems are fundamental to the UK economy. Much…


Why urban car ownership is a thing of the past

Car sharing, car pooling, lift sharing. Electric cars, driverless cars, Boris cars. Surge pricing, taxi wars, sharing economies, sunk asset monetization, on-demand, by-the-minute, hassle-free. There’s probably more jargon around the industry than there are competitors right now. As managing director of DriveNow, I’m probably slightly biased when it comes to an industry overview, but one…


Time for ‘alternative’ to become the mainstream

The chancellor’s Summer Budget took the heat off small businesses by lowering taxes, increasing the National Insurance employment allowance and setting the enhanced Annual Investment Allowance at £200,000. Some corners condemned the National Living Wage, while others praised the chancellor for improving the NI allowance which will encourage micro businesses to take on additional employees….


Future of the cryptocurrency market

Given the recent growth in the Bitcoin market and extended volatility with Litecoin, there has been renewed interest and speculation on the future of the cryptocurrency market. Over the last weeks the Bitcoin price has been rising and hit £200 per BTC over the weekend, with many speculating that the price rise is due to…

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Women and men

How not to think about gender in tech


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