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Can digital currencies solve Greece’s economic woes?

For some time, economists and investors have acknowledged that Greece cannot pay back the debts it has accumulated since joining the Euro. The recent election of Alexis Tsipras was hailed by many as a potential break with the failed policies of the past, however German economic orthodoxy ended any hope of a significant debt restructuring….


Lean communications must be part of your startup strategy

One of the most important things for any startup to consider is its most efficient method of communication both internally and externally. The days of email being the default option should now be gone. Many people don’t realise that email is a 40-year-old technology. So when we complain that email isn’t optimised for business today…

Canary Wharf Fintech

Why the new government must support fintech

The election has delivered a more certain result than was expected in the pre-election polls, providing a huge opportunity for the incoming government to build on the solid foundations of the coalition government. The certainty provided by a clear election outcome will be welcomed by investors and entrepreneurs alike and will help cement the UK’s…

Mobile ready

Two thirds of key B2B sectors not mobile-ready

You’d be hard pushed to find any business person who wasn’t aware of the news that on 21 April 2015, Google launched its latest algorithm update, dubbed “Mobilegeddon.” The update is aimed at improving the search results for mobile users. Unless of course you were speaking to an accountant or a training company. According to…

houses of parliament

From Capitol Hill to Westminster – how big data is transforming political campaigning

The upcoming General Election has been described as one of the most unpredictable in living memory. With no clear favourite, everything is up for grabs – or so it seems. Throughout the halls of Westminster, a growing number of political parties are putting their faith in emerging technologies, believing data analytics will help them gain…


Tech companies need to work with universities to plug the skills gap

Unless you’ve studiously avoided consuming any media for the last three months, you’ll know that the general election is fast approaching. Unsurprisingly, the level of discourse is fairly low, I’ve read more about how Ed Miliband is ‘weird’ than I have about what a ‘long-term economic plan’ actually involves. Completely missing from the political debate,…

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Tech businesses being forced out of London

Some 78% of technology startup owners in London and the South East are considering leaving central London over the next five years, research from Sussex Innovation has found. This is well above the 63% of small business owners who are also considering the move and and has led the business incubation network to call the…

connecting the dots

Broadband in the UK and why getting it isn’t so easy

Broadband has only been around in the UK since the millenium (well what’s know as broadband now). Prior to the rollout of ADSL (asyncronous Digital Subscriber Lines) the only way to get a ‘fast’ connection was to purchase a kilostream (64Kbits per second) or if really lucky a megastream (1Mb/s) from BT (a kilostream was…


Flexible laws are necessary to give the drone industry in the UK room to grow

At first, Amazon drone delivery was just an April Fool’s prank, but the company now has Federal Aviation Administration approval in the US, eights months after the request was made, and continues to set its sights on the UK market.  The Canadian city of Richmond, meanwhile, has just banned these airborne vehicles, so, what is the…


Looking to expand into Singapore? All you need to know about transfer pricing regulations

Lee Curthoys, corporate tax lead at Radius, looks at Singapore’s changing transfer pricing regulations and tells us what we need to know. For a number of reasons, ranging from public safety to proximity to other Asian markets, Singapore is a popular destination for businesses looking to expand globally. In fact, in a 2015 report,…

car crash

If you thought fintech was lucrative already, wait until ‘fincommerce’ joins the party

James York, founder of new online insurer Worry+Peace, looks at the potential for innovation in the insurance market. One tech sector where the UK enjoys a complimentary competitive advantage from the traditional economy is fintech, with a recent article from the Telegraph naming it the top performing investment vertical for angel investors. I’m from the corner…

Group shot Golden Gate Bridge HTBATB edit

Behind the scenes with founders making it in SV

This Easter Monday Channel 4 is broadcasting a show my company produced – ‘How to be a Young Billionaire’ – a documentary charting the ups and downs of three British techs entrepreneurs trying to grow their startups in Silicon Valley. Tech is the most vibrant, fast-moving and exciting movement in business, and arguably humanity, right…

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