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North East

Can the North East become a Euro tech hub?

The North East of the UK prides itself on being an innovative region. The fact today’s Venturefest North East was sold out well in advance is testament to the vibrancy of the inventive and entrepreneurial businesses operating here, and their interest in understanding how new technologies, finance and partnership opportunities can help them grow. Innovation is…


The Philippines: An unlikely talent hotspot?

London’s strength as a technology hub is not in doubt, with Tech London Advocates highlighting the retail tech and fintech sectors in their most recent report, but there are still areas where the capital could do with some help. As the cost of living in London rises, and the government’s unfriendly immigration policies for non-EU citizens persist,…

Be good

Technology founder? Do more good. Change the world.

On 4 November, London’s technologists will get the chance to change the world. Not by scaling their startups. Not by raising more capital. Not with a hackday. Instead, they are being invited to join the boards of trustees of some of the UK’s biggest charities. Connecting the considerable skillsets that exist within the London tech…


Designing future payments with fast integration in mind

Money makes the world go around. Too true and yet for those who work in tech, the world of money has taken an age to catch up with the other advances made across the social and mobile spheres. Even though the internet has been developing for a quarter of a century, mobile and online payments…


Looking for a Safe Harbour in a data storm?

It is a general rule that as the importance of a resource grows so too does the interest those in power have in it. Data is becoming one of the world’s most important commodities. Its new found position has brought it under the scrutiny of regulators across the world. In Europe, a raft of judicial…

Magnifying glass lying on a legal contract

Reading the small print can benefit your business

Up until now, consumers and businesses haven’t had it easy. Switching broadband provider is infamously complicated and the processes differ depending on which provider they’re moving to, or from, or the bundle they’re currently signed up to. To streamline this process, Ofcom recently announced the introduction of new regulations that make changing internet service providers…

Paddy Cosgrave

“Web Summit is a massive dating festival,” says founder Paddy Cosgrave

Last night Startup Grind sat down in London with the founder and CEO of Web Summit, Paddy Cosgrave, for a fireside chat to talk about the story behind Web Summit, where it’s at, and most importantly, where it’s headed. In his own words Paddy described Web Summit as a “massive dating festival”, where the whole…


Why the hacker mentality is crucial for fintech comms

The original definition of ‘hacker’ is quite different from the modern day understanding of the word. It was used to describe not a digital intruder, but instead the art of taking something apart. Of seeing how something worked or what it could become. A ‘hacker’, in this context, is therefore a creator and an innovator….


3D printing provides both headaches and opportunities

The accessibility of 3D printing promises to empower both businesses and individuals to create products anywhere.  For businesses, the potential to decentralise production and reduce shipping costs is immense.  However, it also poses challenges to inventors and designers as the means to make infringing articles on a grand dispersed scale is enormous. 3D printing –…


The realisation that disruptive technology has the ability to initiate change and do good is here

Disruptive technologies are impacting every aspect of daily life, from streaming media services like Netflix to wearable fitness devices such as Nike Fuelbands. Everyday businesses are becoming increasingly convenient, personalised and above all human. However, we are increasingly realising the ability for new technologies to initiate change and do good. Take Big Data – one…


Things to consider before making an IoT app

Matthew Hunt, CEO at Apadmi Enterprise, the enterprise app development division of the UK’s leading mobile app developer, Apadmi, gives his insight into what developers must consider before embarking on the development of an IoT app.  The Internet of Things essentially allows for an increase in machine-to-machine communication and requires a network of data-generating sensors…

Canary Wharf hi-res

Something like a (fintech) phenomenon

The fact there’s a whole week dedicated to fintech shows just how fast the UK market has grown and how much interest it’s attracted, not only from new start-ups but from established brands moving into the space – think Amazon Lending.  And then there’s the investors. In our corner of the fintech scene, the continued…

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North East

Can the North East become a Euro tech hub?

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