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Looking to expand into Singapore? All you need to know about transfer pricing regulations

Lee Curthoys, corporate tax lead at Radius, looks at Singapore’s changing transfer pricing regulations and tells us what we need to know. For a number of reasons, ranging from public safety to proximity to other Asian markets, Singapore is a popular destination for businesses looking to expand globally. In fact, in a 2015 report,…

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If you thought fintech was lucrative already, wait until ‘fincommerce’ joins the party

James York, founder of new online insurer Worry+Peace, looks at the potential for innovation in the insurance market. One tech sector where the UK enjoys a complimentary competitive advantage from the traditional economy is fintech, with a recent article from the Telegraph naming it the top performing investment vertical for angel investors. I’m from the corner…

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Behind the scenes with founders making it in SV

This Easter Monday Channel 4 is broadcasting a show my company produced – ‘How to be a Young Billionaire’ – a documentary charting the ups and downs of three British techs entrepreneurs trying to grow their startups in Silicon Valley. Tech is the most vibrant, fast-moving and exciting movement in business, and arguably humanity, right…

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Tidal: fighting the wrong enemy

Jay Z and co’s Tidal platform claims to have three things going for it: hi-res audio, exclusive content, and more money to artists. First off, let’s be clear — hi-res audio is a waste of everyone’s time. How many times have you been listening to Spotify and thought, “This is great — I just wish the sound quality was better”? It…


A world of remittances

The “Solutions to reaching the unbanked” panel discussion at this month’s inaugural Innovate Finance Global Summit had an unenviable mid-afternoon slot – you know the one, just as delegates fall into the post-lunch slump, but before they have re-energised themselves with enough caffeine to kill a horse – yet it touched upon a sector that…


Finding the right PR is about spinning at the same frequency

Kate Hyslop, head of marketing at BookingBug, looks at the PR – startup dynamic.  A disconcertingly bitter piece in The Guardian that recently did the rounds amongst the PR and startup communities made one thing very clear: a startup’s real comms needs are very different to what many PRs think they are. Having worked previously…


Expect a surprise or two from this year’s Budget

Marc Zao-Sanders co-founder of gives us his predictions ahead of tomorrow’s pre-election budget. With the general election just round the corner, it seems likely that any surprises from tomorrow’s Budget will be especially steered towards persuading voters. Let’s hope some of these wins fall to SMEs – given that they support the UK economy…

Future Retail

What is the real future of retail tech?

Handle’s business development director Dominic Warman gives Tech City News the lowdown on the recent Future of Retail event and tells us what to expect from the retail environment of the future. Recently some of London’s most tech-savvy ecommerce, marketing executives and enthusiasts came together at The Future of Retail, organised by Handle Recruitment. Partnering…


International Women’s Day: A handy reminder that we need to do more about equality in tech

Technology is certainly not the focus of International Women’s Day and rightly so. Instead, shameful statistics and often horrifying stories of continued, everyday oppression all over the world take front and centre stage in highlighting how far we have to go to ensure women and men are treated equally. But, particularly as technology becomes so…


TCN talks to Niall O’Loughlin of 99designs about starting and growing a business

The ‘world’s largest’ graphic design company, 99designs has scaled rapidly since its launch in 2008, growing from a Melbourne-based start-up to a $35m-backed internationally-recognised company with headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices spread across the world. We spoke to Niall O’Loughlin, UK manager at 99designs to find out more about the company and pick up some…

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The Ten Commandments of remote management

In a previous column I talked about the war for talent and how to win it. Businesses have shifted their software to the cloud, as well as their files and their communications—so why not talent? Talent is the next wave, and it’s already here in the form of distributed teams working together online. For the…

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You can’t just add value anymore – investors want entire new markets

One of the keys to being a successful investor is the ability to find value, and a November holiday to Morocco, outside of school holidays and peak season, is as good a demonstration as any. The false economies of kind-of hot temperatures and periods of rainfall aside, the real value of the time away, as…

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Polysolar and Voyage Control win Cognicity Challenge


Looking to expand into Singapore? All you need to know about transfer pricing regulations


Tech London Advocates: ‘spiralling rent costs are hampering startup growth’

EU takes on Google, Spotify valued at $8bn and more in your week in tech

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1.5m shortfall in global cyber security workforce by 2020

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San Fran’s DoubleDutch opens London office