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Ahti Heinla, co-founder of Starship Technologies, on how robots will transform the delivery space

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UK government to announce £17.3m boost for artificial intelligence and robotics


Top tech stats: Unpaid overtime, poor data usage and more

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Software testing leader TestPlant appoints Dr. John Bates as CEO
CreditLadder appoints Proptech Expert Sheraz Dar as new CEO
Hermit: A Startup With New Ideas About Office Space



Doctor, doctor, how can I be sure my insurer will pay my claim?
posted on October 28, 2016

Ben Rose, insurance director at Digital Risks, explains the steps startups can take to ensure their insurer will pay out in the event of a claim.


Doctor, doctor, do I need professional indemnity insurance?
posted on September 13, 2016

Ben Rose of Digital Risks explores what Professional indemnity insurance is, what the different types are and which companies need it.

startup advice

Doctor, doctor, I don’t know where to start! What business insurance do I need?
posted on June 27, 2016

Business insurance can seem daunting at first, but don’t panic – it is more straightforward than you think. Here’s a run-down of some points to consider. First off, if you’re an employer, at the very least you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance (EL), so get this sorted before you do anything else….

data centre

Doctor, doctor, can insurance help my startup in the case of a data breach or cyber-attack?
posted on May 31, 2016

You’re right to be concerned. As a digital business, you’re a prime candidate for a data breach or cyber-attack, with the latest Government Security Breaches Survey showing that a third of small organisations were affected in 2015. A data breach can have serious repercussions for you and your customers’ reputations, not to mention the cost…

Startup Bootcamp Insurance edit

Join Startupbootcamp Insurance hack for chance to win £5,000
posted on September 22, 2015

Ahead of Startupbootcamp’s first insurance innovation accelerator programme, which goes live with its first teams in London in January, the company has created a weekend hackathon to get the creative juices flowing. SBC is offering hackers the opportunity to use blockchain, IoT and wearables APIs from its corporate partners to hack everything from travel, home, car…


The key to UK insurance innovation
posted on August 5, 2015

There’s a lot of outside-industry attention being given to insurance right now. Why? It’s apparently ripe for disruption (I don’t like that word so much). In lay terms, that means the tech community haven’t raided the larder yet. With a few opportunities of innovation out there, it’s point of choice that matters the most, argues…

Rainmaking Loft

Startupbootcamp launches insurance startup accelerator in London
posted on June 16, 2015

Startupbootcamp has launched its first ever accelerator programme for the “under-serviced” insurance industry. Leading insurance firms have joined the programme as mentors, including Allianz and Admiral, looked after by Startupbootcamp Insurance MD Liz Lumley, who recently joined the organisation from FinExtra. Each successful team will get free space for three months in Startupbootcamp’s London HQ, the Rainmaking…

car crash

If you thought fintech was lucrative already, wait until ‘fincommerce’ joins the party
posted on April 10, 2015

James York, founder of new online insurer Worry+Peace, looks at the potential for innovation in the insurance market. One tech sector where the UK enjoys a complimentary competitive advantage from the traditional economy is fintech, with a recent article from the Telegraph naming it the top performing investment vertical for angel investors. I’m from the corner…


Why do I need insurance if I’m running my own limited company?
posted on February 6, 2015

Often, it’s quite simply a contractual requirement of the end client we’re working with that all limited company contractors supplied to them have professional indemnity, public or products liability and employer’s liability insurance to certain specified levels. End of. Even if that’s not a specific requirement of our client, it’s our duty as a professional…

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Ahti Heinla, co-founder of Starship Technologies, on how robots will transform the delivery space
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UK government to announce £17.3m boost for artificial intelligence and robotics
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Top tech stats: Unpaid overtime, poor data usage and more
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